Sunday, May 31, 2009

Speaking of useful iPhone apps...want to try one?

A management coach and I would like your input on a concept. Here's a scenario and suggested answers. Email your answer and I'll respond with the scoring. But also let me know what you think of the concept of learning about or assessing your mastery of workplace challenges in bite-size formats.

You take your coaching role very seriously and you have told your remote employees that your door is always open. Dawn has taken you up on that and is calling frequently complaining about her team mate Shirley. You try to help her to take appropriate actions. But the calls are becoming more frequent and the issues seem more and more petty. What do you do? Choose one option below:

a. Continue to listen and help her through each situation – both Dawn and Shirley are critical to the team.
b. Offer to mention something to Shirley next time you speak to her.
c. Tell Dawn that she has to stop calling you – that these calls are taking time away from getting the work done
d. When you see it’s her calling, let it go to voicemail.

Email your answer to modza [at] Thanks! And good luck!

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