Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What if everyone created an iPhone app?

What's that you say? They already have? No...there are only 35,000 (and counting) -- that's far from everyone...

Seriously, there are a lot, but the business section of the app store is less full, and since the iPhone has already made and is continuing serious inroads into the business world still (for the moment) dominated by Blackberry, now is a good time to get in. Read all about it:

  • Gizmodo app store chart: Compares the different app stores of the leading handhelds. A little out of date, since the Palm Pre store is not yet fully leaked, but useful nonetheless.

  • Flurry blog: iPhone analytics. Haven't used 'em yet, but seems essential, and the blog has some useful findings.

  • Forbes: Making Money from iPhone apps: This is where I read about Flurry!

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