Monday, October 13, 2008

The key question that sparks innovation

“In science, the most exciting expression isn’t ‘Eureka!’ It’s ‘Huh?’” said Michael Hawley. (From Slipstream in the New York Times: "Intuition + Money: An Aha Moment" By JOHN MARKOFF, Published: October 11, 2008 (Registration required)

Do you need to know the cause of your problem before you attempt to solve it?

The presidential and vice-presidential debates to date have raised this issue (Palin on global warming; Obama vs. McCain on Iraq war, etc.), but I'm actually referring to the all-too-slowly improving web efforts of newspapers, in the face of their declining print circulation and advertising revenue.

Paul Farhi kicked off this round with a "Don't blame the journalism" piece in American Journalism Review, in which he blamed factors beyond the control of journalists, asserting that journalism is alive and well. Not quite, riposted Jeff Jarvis, BuzzMachine. In fact, "It is our fault", says Jeff.

So back to our original question: can newspapers (and journalists) realistically expect to fix their problems if they haven't acknowledged the cause?

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Slightly off-topic, but a reminder: coffee is good for you!

Look for a photo of my new (okay, "refreshed") superautomatic espresso machine later today or tomorrow, but in the mean time, read this NY Times roundup of the latest research showing the health benefits of coffee!

Friday, August 1, 2008

My interests span: helping spread sustainability practices for profit using my interactive, social network, news, marketing and analytic abilities; editing/writing about science for the general public; statistical analysis, especially of intangibles such as quality of customer experience; evangelizing innovation approaches within companies; project management and 'getting things done.'

Goal-focused, with “peripheral vision”
Sponge for knowledge and trends, thought leader in online news and communication, revenue and business strategies
Rare balance of creative, analytic, strategic, sales, project management and presentation skills
Project management success across multiple departments
Consultative, ego-free approach to team or client management.
I’m passionate about technology, customers, reading and writing -- in all media -- and fighting global warming.


technology commercialization via patent licensing, spinoff company formation; public relations; online community/social network-building; online advertising strategy and sales; metrics analysis; survey design; customer soothing and service; disruptive innovation strategies; Excel spreadsheets, deep familiarity with value and constraints of Web tools: HTML, Photoshop, MySQL, PHP, JavaScript, content management and ad management systems.

Online strategy and execution for organizations: client needs analysis, core business analysis, shifting the core, customer base profile surveys and focus groups, directed brainstorming and 'Blue Ocean Strategy' development. Private-label social networks, advertising sales strategy, e-commerce, online marketing, cross-media integrated marketing and branding, survey design and interpretation, project management. Assessing profit opportunities in reducing carbon footprint and/or marketing products and services that combat global warming: