Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Eating my own dog food -- 7 ways to post to your blog more often than once every two years.

"It only takes 5 minutes." "Just make it a permanent part of your schedule or to-do list." "Use a tool that delivers outside, relevant content automatically." "Assign the task to someone who (still) wakes up enthusiastic every day." "Make a post out of what you did today." "No dessert until you eat your brussels sprouts." "Do what I say, not what I do." Do any of those ideas work for you? I've recommended them all to clients, with varying success -- from "kill the blog" to multiple times a day. And do you have to guess which end of the spectrum has the most positive effect on profit? Even as the early ripples of content marketing turned into an overwhelming tsunami that no one can swallow, the tactic continues to work -- because the people most interested in a topic do continue to respond to information that arrives in a timely fashion (when they're interested), in a form that is appropriate to the medium (generally, but surprisingly not always short), and with just the right action step indicated. (Usually not "buy now" but "learn more" or "see a case study" or "get a free analysis", etc.) So I'm back on the case.

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