Sunday, June 9, 2013

Find the typo in the free faster airport wifi "Bing It On" ad

Thanks to the omnipresent Danny Sullivan for taking note of Bing's latest attempt to get us all to switch:

Bing Pushes To Build Marketshare Through "Bing It On" For Faster Airport Wifi:

And indeed, Bing's usage, as estimated by Quantcast, has grown from 60 million a month in October 2012 to nearly 76 million in April, just six months later. And half or more of that growth took place from the beginning of March: almost 9 million.

Of course, Google grew too, just not as fast in percentage, nor in total numbers: from 198 million to 211 million. (Note that Google is "Quantified" and Bing is not.)

But what about that typo? It's the most common mistake even educated people make, I believe -- and there's a clue in this sentence...

Yes, "it's" where it should just be "its." So I'm taking points away from Microsoft (and its ad agency) for that.

Its (Bing's) directory has changed again, by the way: it's now Bing Places. Sounds Google Places? But at least I can't remember what it was before. (Always trying to look on the bright side!)

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