Tuesday, November 10, 2009

(Yet another) top 10 list of tools for small business social media success (but a good one)

Okay, the title is a bit unwieldy -- my apologies. But it conveys my sense that we're being swamped with lists. TechCrunch even makes a list of its top ten lists. Magazines, of course, have long done this: 33 ways to drive your man crazy in bed; 27 new chicken dishes you can make in in under 60 seconds. However, I also have to admit that not only do lists serve to draw readers in, but they are easy to read, and therefore really can be useful.

So, clearly labeled as a sponsor list (but not a sponsor of this site, I'm sorry to say), her's the list of social media tools especially appropriate for small business...

But wait-- before I give you the link, let me say I have my own list within this list! Choose from the following list:
1. My shortened list of tools;
2. The original length-ten list of tools.

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